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Roots snacks was founded by two UK trained medical doctors who saw the multiple health benefits of root vegetables and indigenous produce. Namely Cocoyam, due to its low starch, high phytoestrogen, edible versatility and great taste; we developed a range of snack options which were inclusive of diabetic and hypertensive individuals.

What started as in the kitchen has industrialised to create a niche product focused on providing you with the best. Roots snacks Coco yam crisps are full of naturally occurring phytoestrogen which offers many great benefits such as stronger bone health, heart protection and acne control. Our snacks are preservative and additive free and sold at affordable rate as we believe healthy food should be accessible to all.

We build with sustainability in mind. Roots Snacks works collaboratively with the local communities who supply our raw materials and staff our work force. Working in partnership with the GL Foundation, Roots Snacks contributes to the education, food program development, vocational upskilling and health service development in the local and wider Nigerian communities where we operate and retail in.
We are so excited to bring you

We are so excited to bring you Roots Snacks and would love to hear your thoughts on your products!

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